Volatile Feelings is a collaborative History graduate school application guide. As a throughline, this text follows my 2018 journey applying to seven History programs. I share all of my application materials, my correspondence templates, and my recommendations for future PhD applicants.

Conceptions Review

Launched in March 2021, Conceptions Review is interested in the ideas people have about society and in the consequences of these ideas. We seek accessible and standalone articles about conception-bending ideas and about popular misconceptions. The purpose of this website is to generate conversations and to provide a platform for public-facing scholarship.

Texas Documents will be a key repository and starting point for research on colonial Texas. I’ll be creating research guides on a variety of subjects related to Spanish Texas and will request similar research guides from PhDs on other areas of Texas history. Forming the core of this archive will be the nearly 300,000 manuscript pages I used to write my first book, Wrangling Pelicans.

Karankawa Archive

This archive aims to list and provide a PDF readable document for every primary source referencing the Karanakawa peoples of the Texas Gulf Coast. I have also provided a detailed historiography and some essential secondary sources when it comes to studying these first peoples. Visit the archive at